Top Ten Romantic Hot Spring Resorts in China

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A romantic and comfortable resort is of great importance for you and your beloved to promote your love. China offers you a lot of choices. And if you want to enjoy the hot spring, you can consider the following places.
  • Hainan Island itself is a romantic place. Besides the romance, here you will find the charm of Bali, the fragrance of Thailand, the color of Caribbean, the water world of Maldives. No need to go abroad, you have visited the world.
  • Jiuhua Spa & ResortIt is the best choice to experience the luxurious romance. Located in Beijing, Jiuhua Spa & Resort is inclusive of almost 400,000 square meters of modern classic imperial garden and architecture groups. Developed from the imperial hot spring, now Jiuhua spa &resort has become an international holiday resort with its unique lake scenery, wriggle path and luxurious decoration.
  • Romance can be with elevation. Dezong Hot Spring is in a charming village of Tibetan ethnic minority, 140 kilometres far from Lasa. Being in a valley, it is surrounded by mountains and livestock farms. Moreover, you can go self-buried platform and Zhigongti Temple which is only 7 kilometers away from here.
  • Located in the south of Yunnan province, Jinpingmengla Hot Spring makes you feel in the haven. Lying in the pond, looking the waterfall falling down from the mountain, you will enjoy the integration of blue sky, green mountains and waterfalls.
  • Here you will feel the romance in the snow. Hailuogou Hot Spring resort is in Sichuan Province, which includes a lot of hot springs with different sizes. Even in the snowy day, you still can enjoy the hot spring as the temperature of some hot spring can reach 92℃.
  • Located in the rich zhujiang delta, Jinshan Hot Spring Holiday Resort is a good place for you to experience the idyllic scenery. With strong rural culture, the beautiful mountain, clear air, rich hot resource will bring you to a heaven in the world.
  • As the only hotel in the Emei area, the Emei Hot Spring resort features on its entertainment and treatment facilities. It is surrounded by the mountains and waters, and in the resort, you can overlook the unique scenery of Emei Mountain and the changeable rural scene in the four seasons.
  • Zhongshan Hot Spring Resort helps you experience the romance of delicate garden architecture group. The whole resort occupies 2.2 square kilometers, near to green mountains and clear waters. Featuring on traditional Chinese architecture, the resort is picture-postcard in the four seasons.
  • Everything here is exquisite. Conghua New Hot Spring Resort is built near to clear brooks, all the rooms and suites are with an independent balcony. The hot springs with different sizes and effects are distributed on the top of the mountain and the valley which occupies 30,000 square meters.
  • Located in Tibet, Pailong Hot Spring is a natural world. The interest and the feature are the natural things. The hot spring is only one and it is 5 to 6 square meters built by stones and cements. You will feel novel as the water lead by a tube made from wood.

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