Top 10 Most Popular Car Rental Companies in China

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It is more convenient for you to do something by owning a car in China. If you now cannot afford a car, you can rent one. In China, there are many popular car rental companies. The following are ten of them.
  • Beijing TOP-A Car Service Co., Ltd. was set up specifically to cater for the needs of the expatriate communities. With the solid management experience, it provides with the most reliable and comprehensive motor leasing services with the largest selection of vehicles and models from sedan car to multi-purpose vans, all are ready for your selection.
  • Peking Jingyuan Car Rental Co., Ltd. Is established in the 1990, and primarily operate the car rental business. It is a Peking City transportation which has the legality to operate the natural intelligence's regular car rental business enterprise. There are over 100 vehicles in the company.
  • Beijing North Star Car Rental Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of North Star Group, a major state owned enterprise. It currently has more than a thousand vehicles of all class. It is one of the largest leasing companies in China.
  • Suzhou Guang-hong Motors Corporation is engaged in a professional commercial vehicle leasing services. The Company mainly offers service for individuals, enterprises and institutions, domestic and foreign companies in Shanghai, groups, guest houses, commercial buildings, and tourism companies for clients.
  • Suzhou Kuaijie Automobile Leasehold Co., Ltd is a high quality automobile rents service with the health, the consummation, stable, the safe modernized enterprise manage system. The multitudinous profession provides official business, the commerce, the conference affair, the traveling and so on.
  • Founded in 2003, Wuhan Anxin Automobile Leasing Company., Ltd. mainly offers high-grade business automobile leasing service for domestic enterprises and three investments enterprise with perfect leasing system. Its own experienced drivers are good at servicing customers.
  • Beijing XinPingGuo Car Rental Co., Ltd is a registered company with rights to operate in areas of automobile rental and automobile decorations. It emphasizes particular in quality of services, providing safe, comfortable, carefree and sanitary cars to suit your needs.
  • The company on the car business community needs of individuals, enterprises and institutions, domestic and foreign companies in Shanghai, groups, hotels, commercial buildings, tourism companies. Company matching models based on customer needs, and a variety of ways for customers to lease options.
  • After years’ development, the company has been the first company which put the renting car as the center, meanwhile, offers car service, investment consultant, training, and car media and so on. It is the first brand of renting cars in Hubei province. The services include airport meeting, traveling, business renting, wedding cars, evening dinner renting and so on.
  • Beijing Orient Limousine Service Co., Ltd and its corporate vehicle rental by professional staff who has been working rental industry for years. It is one of the best luxuries Car –Rental Company in Beijing. It offers both Business & Individual rentals and has different cars.

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