Top 10 Highly Recommended Car Rental Companies in China

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About the Ranking
It is hard to choose a car rental service company from the large number of car rental companies in China. In order to help those people who want to rent a car in China, we recommend the following car rental companies.
  • The company is one of the earliest enterprises which specialize in car renting. The perfect service is what we are always going after. And if you need, you can call our free hotline for consultation and engagement. 15 sales department and professional repair teams will make your journey convenient and safe.
  • The company is in line of professional car renting. There are high qualities of management team and special drivers who can speak English and French well in the company. It also offers free visiting service to save time. Meanwhile, it will take good care of the car and give it necessary insurance.
  • It is the benchmark enterprise which has the most complete cars and the perfect service. It has cooperated with more than 30 top grade hotels and offer the one station service. The management aim of the company is the humanization and the quality.
  • It is one of 17 car renting experiment unit enterprises named by the country and it is the largest in Shenzhen as well. Its service belief is that customers are the family members. In the company the service is always in the first place.
  • The company is the first operating car leasing company inland which supplies the customers including the overseas with the fast convenient and comfortable cars. It has won the highly admiration and become the credit enterprise because of its capitalization operation, brand service, net management and modernization cars.
  • Its service aim is security, service and credit come first. It is not only the earliest car tenancy enterprise but also one of the best in Shenzhen. It has got the award of the security unit and credit unit in Shenzhen.
  • The company is besides the subway and very convenient. Its technique is advanced and cars are of a variety of kinds. The management is quite strict and the after service sell is perfect. The underling car maintaining factories supplies the guarantee of the quality of the cars and the safety of customers.
  • The company not only provides customers with car renting service including business, line of duty, travel, conference, comity ,but also pick up our customers or take them go around if they need. Modernization and humanization are the faith of the company.
  • It is a comprehensive service platform which makes good use of website technique in business and even daily lives. All the staff in the company are working hard on creation and try their best to satisfy the customers’ needs.
  • The company is located in a beautiful and convenient place. The staff in the company put the profits of customers in the highest place as well as put the quality, the customer and the credit in the most important place. The perfect service is what the staff goes after.

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