Top 10 Famous Car Rental Companies in Beijing

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Many foreigners in Beijing want to rent a car for daily routines; however, they don’t know which car rental company is better. The following recommend 10 famous car rental companies in Beijing and hope to help those foreign people.
  • After years’ development, it has been one of the famous branded taxi ventures in Beijing. It has established a high reputation in the society and has 3,500 cabs of various models. The high quality service is what attracts customers.
  • It is one of the two taxi companies in Beijing who first introduce the global positioning system technology to their cabs. With a variety of cars, it provides perfect driving service and translating service.
  • Located beside the Shuangying Road in southern suburb Beijing and occupying 18,000 square meters in land, Beijing Wanquansi Taix Company is a well-established enterprise offering high standard cab transportation service.
  • It is one of the famous branded auto rental services in Beijing, having more than 5,000 medium-to-high grade cars. It provides first class service for individuals, enterprises and institutions, domestic and foreign companies.
  • There are over 100 vehicles in the company, including: BENZS320, Grand Cherokee, AudiA6, BuilkGL8, TOYOTA Camry, SANTANA, JETTA, Citroen, JINBEI...etc. It offers both Business & Individual rentals and has different cars.
  • The Group has more than 8000 vehicles in service and a comprehensive automobile service system offering a complete range of car rental, distribution, repair and fuel supply services.
  • Founded on August 1, 1989, the First Automobile Leasing Company is the branch company of Bejing BeiQi Kowloon Taxi Co.,Ltd. It has a variety of cars and provides high quality service for individuals and business companies.
  • N.STAR CAR RENTAL COMPANY (NSCRC) is the wholly-owned subsidiary under North Star group-state-run large-scale enterprises of Beijing. It emphasizes particular in quality of services, providing safe, comfortable, carefree and sanitary cars to suit customers'needs.
  • As a professional auto rental enterprise, its main business lies in medium and long term car leasing service. Car types provided: Mercedes-benz, BMW, Buick, Audi, Honda, Santana, Cadillac, etc.
  • Established in 1997, CTCAI Service Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company controlled by China Trading Center for Automobile Import (CTCAI), which is a professional automobile import company. The perfect service of the company is the reason why customers trust it.

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