10 Most Popular Types of Vehicle for Renting in Beijing

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After deciding to rent a car in China, you should also need to know the main types available in China’s car rental companies. After an investigation in Beijing, here we choose most popular 10 vehicles for renting and their average prices in Beijing, hoping to give you some suggestions.
  • It is one of the commonest cars among Beijing’ car rental companies Including Audi (a6) and Audi (a8), the general price for them is from 1200 to 1500 Yuan per day.
  • Passat(B5,1.8T) can be found in most of the car rental companies. It is suitable for personal use. Only need about 700 Yuan you can enjoy the comforts the whole day.
  • In Beijing the main types available for Buick is various. No matter Buick (GL8) or Buick (Junwei), the total rental fee for it will be from 900 to 1000 Yuan.
  • With a smooth face and comfortable space, Santana is also a beloved for car renters. It only takes you 250 Yuan per day for it.
  • Several small types of it are popular in these companies. You may need about 500 or 600 Yuan for one of them.
  • Because of its high quality and convenient maintenance, it has wide market in home. It is also very cheap for you to rent one, 250 Yuan would be ok.
  • It will be the best choice for companies and groups, for it can provide about 11 and even more seats. And the expense for one day is from 500 to 650 Yuan.
  • As one of the famous passenger vehicles made in China, it is a usual type for renting in China. A not very high price is certain.
  • The companies will also notice the special needs for you. 4000 Yuan is enough for one day.
  • In order to change your trip into a kind of enjoyment, Nissan is also supported by many companies in Beijing. The rent fee for it is 700 per day.

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