Top 10 Best Accountant Agencies in Beijing

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Accountant agencies now become increasing popular as there are more and more foreign company set up its brunch in China. The following introduce 10 best accountant agencies in Beijing, which are very helpful for you if you want to find a good accountant agency in Beijing.
  • Pu Hua Zhong Tian is the biggest professional service organization in China and even in the world. It offers professional service for the customers with it’s over 155000 professional competent persons in 150 states, of which, there’re over 3000 personnel in China, enjoying the most actual strength.
  • Bi Ma Wei Hua Zhen is a professional service organization with its network all around the world, providing audit, taxation, consultancy and other services. It has staff members of over 104000 in the organization in over 144 states and 717 areas.
  • Established in 1917, De Qing Hua Yong Accountant’s Office is one of the leading professional service organizations in China with its staff of over 6000. It offers comprehensive service including audit, tax administration, enterprise management consultancy and financial consultancy for domestic enterprises, transnational corporations and highly developing corporations.
  • An Yang China is a top professional service corporation of over 3000 professional personal with its branches established separately in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Dalian, Wuhan, Chengdu and Macau.
  • Established in 1998, Beijing Chunxue has now nearly 1000 full-time accountants with over 30 chain offices established in the city, all of the accountants have been kept by the financial software to make sure of the security, completeness and confidentiality of customers’ accountant data.
  • It’s Chinese independent members of the top 20 international accountant organization- BKR International with its 120 workers, of which, there’re Chinese 54 CPA.
  • It has various professional staff of 500 with 5 branch corporations established in Shanghai, Shandong, Ghuangxi, Shenzhen and other regions, providing audit and related services specially for enterprises of different scope in its 8 finance audit departments.
  • It has totally over 700 workers with specially knowledge and rich practice experiences covering audit, accountant, tax administration, engineering technique and other specialties, of which, there’re 300 odd CPA.
  • Formerly the important member office of BDO International in China, it has now 20 branch organizations or strategic alliances founded nation-wide by its persist hard work for its development.
  • Operates 6 major business sectors including the service of audit, accounting and tax administration as well as the consulting of law, management, HR, technique etc. with the major practicing qualification of CPA trade.

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